Nova Scotia boosts next year’s film fund for international series

The provincial government is adding almost $6 million more to next year’s film and television production fund to allow for an international TV production.

The large production, based on a Stephen King story, began filming in Nova Scotia on Monday. The government says The Mist is one of the highest budgeted productions ever to film in the province.

The government has approved $5.9 million in funding through the province’s Film and Television Production Incentive Fund. It says the funding will be provided in addition to the $10 million budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year, leaving capacity for other productions in 2017-18.

While the production starts in July, the government says the money will only be paid out next year. The increase for 2017-18 comes one month after the government also increased the amount of money available in 2016-17 from $10 million to $11.5 million.

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The controversial incentive fund was introduced after the Liberals cut the film tax credit. Since the tax credit was axed, the industry has raised concerns about workers leaving the province, a dramatic drop in wages, and film and TV production companies leaving the province because of a lack of work.

Monday’s announcement comes as a surprise because the rules don’t say that large productions can get funding from outside the fund. However, the government says in this case the exception was warranted.

“It’s one of the biggest productions ever to film in Nova Scotia,” spokesperson Heather Desserud said in an email. “This demonstrates our willingness to be flexible within the new fund, and to work with industry to help them be successful and sustainable.”

King’s horror novel follows the happenings in Bridgton, Maine after it’s enveloped in a mist that houses otherworldly monsters. Horrible things ensue.

Another film based on the novella was made in 2007.

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