Moncton cat rescue group makes plea for more foster parents

A Moncton animal rescue group is having to turn animals away for the first time in more than 20 years.

According to Annick Le Parque, who started Sasha’s Cat Rescue, the not-for-profit rescue is unable to take in any more stray cats or kittens until it finds more volunteer foster parents.

“Right now we are at capacity” Le Parque said on Monday.

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Le Parque said her group has rescued and adopted out more than 400 stray, abandoned or neglected cats in the last two years alone.

But, she said, this spring has been her busiest breeding season yet.

“Winter was very mild and a female can have three litters in a season,” Le Parque said.

As a result she currently has 35 cats and kittens in foster care.

Moncton’s Caroline McGraw recently fostered her first litter of kittens. The young mother was a little apprehensive about the idea at first.

“It is a big responsibility. But for us, we have kids and we have animals, so what is one more,” she said.

She said the hardest part of being a foster parent was giving them up when they are finally adopted out.

“I cried of joy and cause I was a little sad, but then you are so happy,” she said.

LeParque said the kittens are easier to adopt out due to their “cute factor”.

It’s the adult cats, like “Chase and Carter” —; the 8-year-old brothers she currently has up for adoption (pictured above) —; that are harder to find homes for.

“We are looking for homes for them. They are bonded brothers. Chase has an eye missing, we don’t know what happened. He came to us that way. Chase needs Carter to move in life and because of that we cannot separate them.”

Le Parque said she hopes that an adoptive parent for the brothers will come along soon.

“I know there is someone out there for Carter and Chase.”

She said she’s also hopeful that more people will step up to become foster parents soon, because having to turn away these innocent little faces because of a lack of volunteers simply breaks her heart.

Le Parque can be reached at [email protected]@com.